Japanese Binchotan of Kishu ( 2 pieces)

2 Japanese activated carbons

The Japanese activated carbon is an ideal solution to soften and purify your water, while giving it a more pleasant taste.

  • Ubame Oak
  • Size : 2-3cm x 10-12cm
  • Life span : 6 months
  • How to use it:
    • Boil the charcoal for 10 min and let it dry before the first use
    • Insert the charcoal in your gourd or your carafe
    • Let it work between 4h and 10h and..
    • Taste it !
  • Maintenance:
    • We advise you to boil the charcoal for 10 minutes every 1 or 2 months to maximize its life span.
    • When grey stains appear on your charcoal, it is time to recycle it as fertilizer or compost!


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