The project

Tuli means “we are”

Tuli means “We are” in Luganda. "We are", because for each bottle sold, one pupil will get access to clean drinking water in Uganda.

“My name is Nathalie, I am 27 years old and live in Brussels. I wanted to start an entrepreneurial project to have a positive impact on our planet and on the people. It is my volunteering experience in Uganda that led me to this crazy adventure of starting up Tuli!”

Let’s start with the beginning…

Experience in Uganda…

I did a volunteering mission in Uganda where I installed ceramic water filters in schools and refugee settlements. I was touched by the lack of access to safe drinking water and realized that these filters were a good way to solve the problem!
0 Million
Ugandans without safe water
2 nd killer
of children worldwide

Back in Belgium starting Tuli

Back in Belgium, I decided to amplify that movement by starting Tuli. The team worked with designers, ceramists and experts for months…

Production and start!

We found the ideal production partners in Ukraine and Germany to make our reusable water bottles!

How do we make our moto a reality?

Partnering with the organization SPOUTS, where I worked in Uganda, Tuli donates a part of its profit to finance the installation of large capacity ceramic water filters that last a minimum of 2 years.

Interview: SPOUTS & Tuli

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How do we proceed?

Together with our Ugandan partner SPOUTS, we select schools where there is a need for filters installation. SPOUTS complete baseline study at these schools.

We inform our Ukrainian ceramic partner of the geolocation of the selected schools so that he can prepare the coordinates on the bottles. Each batch counts the same number of water bottles than the number of pupils in the selected school.

1 bottle = 1 pupil

Once the bottles are produced, you purchase it and start making an impact by using our reusable water bottles instead of plastic ones.

Once a whole water bottes batch is purchased, our partner organization proceeds to the installation of ceramic water filters for the specific school geolocated by the coordinates of the bottles sold.

After the safe water project implementation, our partner checks on the filters and its proper use every 6 months. One filter can be used for minimum 2 years.

Join the movement!

Natacha from Cyclodyssées, Nathalie founder of Tuli and SetGo, and Luna.