Meet our ceramic water bottles !

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Doesn’t change the taste of your water:

Drink water, not microplastics! Ceramics ensure no odors nor change in taste of your water. It is a natural material, easy to clean and free of any toxic substances. Harmless for you and the environment!

Funds safe water project:​

For each bottle sold, one pupil will gets access to safe drinking water.

Made sustainably & ethically in Europe:​

Made with love by small family-owned companies. Our cap is from Germany
and the bottle is crafted in Ukraine.

Why do we exist?

We want to build a world where everyone
can drink safe water in a sustainable way

Single-use plastic bottles prevented in a year
Pupils got access to safe drinking water in Uganda until now

On your Tuli, find unique geographical coordinates that locate the school where water filters will be installed.
Each batch of bottles has a different location.

The story doesn’t stop when you buy a Tuli, you become part of our community!
You can follow the filter installations run by Tuli’s partner.

They have already joined the movement!

"A Flat water bottle, too good idea! Can't wait to slip it into my purse!"
Claire Gravouil
"Very nice project that makes sense and deserves support to increase access to water in the world"
Jie Chow
"A European alternative to stainless steel bottles Made in China. A material that deserves to be exploited and brought up to date, Tuli is a great initiative that we want to see prosper!"
Alexia Feldheim

Your style, your color !


Looking for an impactful ecological corporate gift ?

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