Tuli x Juliet Bonhomme - Upcycling water bottles

How to make something beautiful out of bottles with small aesthetic irregularities due to the handmade process…

What's the project about?

When you create by hand, there can be aesthetic anomalies, that’s a fact. As you know, we manufacture our bottles in a ceramic workshop in Ukraine. This handmade process causes small defects on fully functional water bottles…

A small bubble, a superficial scratch in the color, and a handmade product becomes non-conforming for sale. Except that we wanted to change the course of things with Juliet Bonhomme.

Juliet is a slow fashion campaigner who advocates a more sustainable lifestyle and fights against the production of all kinds of waste. When we say all kinds, it goes from food waste to textile waste. Indeed, the latter practices upcycling, or the revalorization of fabrics, clothes, jewelry or even furniture that are sleeping at home. The goal? To give them back a value.

How do we proceed?

Juliet will make a unique design by hand on each pre-ordered water bottle. We have a limited number of Tuli bottles with small flaws and will use the pre-order system to help us anticipate the number of bottles to design on, by color.

We are very happy to work together,

We hope you like them!

Nathalie & Juliet

juliet bonhomme Tuli gourde

How did the collaboration start?

When we met with Juliet we directly thought it would make so much sense to work together as we share the same values of sustainability and creativity.

We thought that upcycling could also enter the world of water bottles. That no, a small aesthetic anomaly should not sign the end of life of a totally functional object! Juliet likes to draw, so while brainstorming on how we could work together, a co-creation was born.

By proposing to Juliet to train on our water bottles with minor flaws, she directly proposed that we simply use them in order not to produce more or to throw away the ones we already had. We liked it right away, and that’s how this idea was born.

Gourde Tuli bleu upcycling Juliet Bonhomme