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7 good reasons to adopt a reusable water bottle

More and more trendy these days (and it makes us happy!), adopting a water bottle is one of the easiest changes you can make to adopt a more eco-responsible lifestyle. We’ve put together 7 good and real reasons to get one. If you needed a little boost to get you started, here it is!

Your impact and commitment for a better world!

The first and most attractive reason is the alternative to plastic. Adopting a water bottle on a daily basis means that you no longer buy single-use plastic bottles. Once you have your water bottle, you can fill it up as much as you like. The life span of a water bottle is on average 12 years and a standard European consumes about 73 1.5L bottles per year (not counting the small bottles here and there). A total of 876 plastic bottles saved. Multiplied this by the number of humans… that’s about 7.8 billion humans x 876 bottles in 12 years… get out the calculators because we don’t count the avoided plastic anymore! Enough to let our over-polluted oceans breathe a little.

On top of that, if you choose one of our Tuli water bottles: you give access to drinking water to school childrens in Uganda by contributing to the installation of ceramic water filters.

Your savings

Let’s get back to the numbers: a bottle will cost you between 10 and 40€ (for the elite gourd) and will last you 12 years. You don’t need to be good at math to realize how much you save! (And reinjected in cafes, restaurants and sweets, but that’s none of our business). We haven’t counted the number of possible refills per gourd either, but believe us, it pays for itself quickly. 

Your action for the planet

A water bottle produces little or no waste. Otherwise, we would have to drink with our hands all the time. But the waste is still clearly reduced compared to the daily use of plastic bottles. After about 12 years, your water bottle is retired and recycled. Plastic bottles are more difficult to recycle. Only about 59% are collected for recycling. The rest wander around in nature and the oceans, only degrading after a good amount of time during which they pollute.

Your time saved

No more hassle of carrying water packs (especially if you live on the 7th floor and the elevator doesn’t work). You won’t have to go any further than your tap to hydrate yourself! Slipped in a corner of your bag, your water bottle becomes very small and follows you everywhere!

Keeping you well hydrated

Plastic nanoparticles are known to degrade and pollute the oceans. And the idea of plastic nanoparticles floating around in your body is not very pleasant. Depending on their size, they can enter our bloodstream and organs. Many people are not even aware that they exist. But they are there, in the water that plastic bottles contain. For the oceans, nanoparticles are a real enemy.

Your vital needs

Well, we agree that we are rarely far from a water point in Belgium but once we leave the well served areas, it becomes more complicated to find drinking water. Whether it’s a big road trip, a hike in the mountains or a suuuuper long but impossible to leave meeting, having a water reserve in your water bottles allows its immediate use.

Even if you can fill it almost everywhere, when there is no water point nearby, it can quickly turn to panic, knowing that water is vital. Having a well-filled water bottle with you reduces stress and thirst.

Your style and identity

In addition to being ecological, economical, transportable, good for health, the bottle is also versatile! It can (normally) contain any type of liquid! The morning coffee, the fresh juice at noon, the evening tea and the water of the whole day! Moreover, glass and ceramic bottles are neutral materials and do not alter the taste or smell of the liquid.

Now that we’ve answered the “what if?”, we’d like to answer the “which one?” right? And for that, go to our online store!