Filters installation in Kyazanga Primary School

0°23'33.3''S 31°21'10.4''E

At about 3 hours from Kampala, the capital of Uganda, Kyazanga Primary School hosts 400 students.

Ceramic water filters financed by Tuli, were picked up and transported by the head teacher on Friday 4th of December. The school currently has only 50 students due to COVID-19 crisis. SPOUTS trained the students in February. The training includes both filter usage and maintenance as well as hygiene and sanitation education. The head teacher was already familiar with ceramic water filters and knows how to set them up and operate them 🤗

Why did we choose to fund the installation in this school?

Kyazanga Primary School had huge difficulties in providing safe drinking water to their pupils during school days. The geographical location of the institution seemed to be the main cause of it.

Before the water filters installation, they had two options:

> A natural source of drinking water is 10km away from the school. Unfortunately, the distance and the large amount of water needed require a lot of technical and physical efforts! In addition, this open spring dries up in the dry seasons.

> The school has a tank to collect rainwater. This water has to be treated because it is not safe for human consumption. So they boiled large quantities of water every evening. This solution required a lot of energy and time as well, and is harmful to the environment.

The filters installed thanks to the batch of water bottles with that geographical coordinates are an effective and sustainable solution, allowing to provide clean and safe drinking water to the students and the teaching staff during school days!