Filters installation in Nansana Royal Primary School

0°22'09.9"N 32°31'20.4"E

Nansana Royal Primary School counts 420 pupils. The school is located in the northwestern part of Kampala, the capital of Uganda. One filter was taken to do the training in December and the other filters were delivered in January. The training includes both filter usage and maintenance as well as hygiene and sanitation education.

Before filters installation

Our partner SPOUTS conducted a baseline study in the school and interviewed students and teachers about their water quality and consumption. Our partner always conducts this study beforehand so that they can understand the current situation and confirm the need for filters.

The students used to drink 4-6 cups of water per day, they thought it was fairly clean. The water comes from a tank on the school grounds. They collected water in jerrycans for the students to drink.

The problem with the practice of collecting water in jerry cans and storing it as is typically done in households, is that after a few days the water is no longer clean, or the jerry can may be dirty.

Before our filters installation, the school utilized chlorine tablets which are very expensive to prepare drinking water for the students.

After filters installation

Now with the water filters financed by Tuli, the school doesn’t have to spend the time or the money on treating the water and can provide more water to its students.

Now the water is filtered and used directly at consumption so as no potential contamination occurs.

The school provides cups to the students and they share them (they don’t have a dedicated cup). This school also has a church on the premises and a nurse to treat them if they fall sick. At home the teachers and students boil water from boreholes with either charcoal or firewood for purification.