Filters installation in S.W. Winyi Nursery & Primary School

0°14'51.8"N 32°35'44.5''E

S.W. Winyi Nursery and Primary School is located around Kampala, capital of Uganda, and counts 437 students. The school is both a day and boarding school.

Before filters installation

Our partner SPOUTS conducted a baseline study in the school and interviewed students and teachers about their water quality and consumption. Our partner always conducts this study beforehand so that they can understand the current situation and confirm the need for filters.

Teachers used to prepare drinking water for the students using firewood. There is 1 tap stand at the school where water is collected into jerry cans and then boiled and then stored in other jerry cans. The students were drinking water about 3 times a day and thought it was fairly clean.

Boiling the water was a strain on the school and they are grateful for the water filters. Indeed boiling is expensive, time-consuming and polluting. Also, filters prevent the risk of water contamination that could happen in jerry cans.

Our partner SPOUTS trained the school teachers and staff as well as two of the student leaders on how to use and maintain water filters. The training also includes hygiene and sanitation education. Now students can drink all day long clean water and focus on their courses! 🤓

Also, all students have their own cups and do not share which is very important because of covid-19.